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Good-to-Go Products, Inc.

The rapid growth in wireless technology has produced a new generation of easy-to-use, inexpensive wireless products. Today, cell phones not only are used to make calls; but also are able to receive text messages, email, and browse the Internet.

Other electronic devices such as two-way FRS radios, pagers, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants [Palms, Visors, Jornada, Clie's etc.]), GPS (Global Positioning System) are in everyday use.

Despite these technological advances, there were no mechanisms available to the on-the-go enthusiast who desired to use their electronic device during these sporting activities.

Good-to-Go Products, Inc. was formed to promote it's patent pending design of the ClipMount® Cell Phone Holder.

A Minnesota corporation, Good-to-Go Products, Inc. is a privately held company funded entirely from investors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


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