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Minnesota Inventor Creates Innovative Product to Help Outdoors Enthusiasts Keep Track of Cell Phones, GPS Devices and Other Electronic Equipment

MINNEAPOLIS - June 1, 2002 - As a career commercial aviator piloting Boeing 757s for Northwest Airlines, David Farmer didn't really intend to start a second vocation as an inventor. But that's just what happened a few years ago when he began working with his neighbor to design and invent the ClipMount cell phone holder, an innovative product that securely holds portable electronic devices on a wide range of recreational equipment.

"Necessity really sparked the invention of the ClipMount holder," Farmer said. "During family bike trips, we found that our older boys tended to speed ahead and get separated from the rest of us. We thought it'd be nice if we could find a way to mount two-way radios on the bikes, so our sons could keep in contact with us. We wanted them to be able to easily operate the radios without taking their hands off the handlebars."

From his home in Edina, Minnesota, Farmer and his neighbor worked for several months to create a prototype for the ClipMount cell phone holder. Today, the resulting product helps outdoors enthusiasts maintain easy, convenient access to portable electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, electronic compasses, two-way radios and global positioning system (GPS) devices. It provides a stable mounting platform for electronic devices and can be easily installed on a wide range of equipment, including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats, bicycles and motorcycles.

The ClipMount product allows users to securely mount portable electronic devices within easy view. Bicyclists, motorcyclists and ATV users, for example, can use the ClipMount holder to place a pager or cell phone directly on the handlebars. Similarly, anglers and recreational boaters can use the holder to place a portable electronic device directly on a boat dashboard.

"The real beauty of the ClipMount holder is it ensures that you're always in touch," Farmer said. "I'm an avid cyclist and I've found that having my cell phone in a backpack or bicycle saddle bag makes it hard to hear an incoming call. And it's impossible to receive visual messages, such as e-mail, instant text messaging or stock quote updates. The ClipMount holder solves that problem, putting the phone in clear view, so I never miss a call or text message."

ClipMount-compatible devices include nearly any handheld device that uses a belt clip or swivel clip. The ClipMount attaches to bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs using a handlebar clamp. The holder can also be mounted on boat dashboards, golf carts and automobile windows - virtually any area with a smooth mounting surface - using powerful suction cups.

The ClipMount holder retails for around $24.95 and is available for purchase by calling toll-free 877-998-TOGO (8646) or via the company's Web site at It's also sold through Qwest Wireless Retail Stores and select bike shops and cell phone accessory stores.

About Good-to-Go Products Inc.

Founded in 1999, Good-to-Go Products Inc. is a privately held corporation funded by investors from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. For more information about the company or its ClipMount cell phone holder, call 952-926-4900 or visit the firm's Web site at

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