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  • No more missed calls!!!

  • Keeps phone in clear view and within reach for rapid answering

  • Secures phone from rattling in glove compartment, backpack, or handbag

  • Immediate viewing of instant text messaging and caller ID
Boat Package
Boat Store Retail Package
Bike Package
Bike Store Retail Packaging
ClipMount Package
Universal Retail Packaging

Note: The contents of all three packagings are identical

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Three Mounting Options Included
Handlebar clamp
Suction cups
Mounting screws
Handbar clamp
Suction cups
Mounting screws
Bicycle, Motorcycle, or ATV
Boat, Window, Sunroof, or other smooth surface
To fasten to industry standard automobile bracket (bracket not included)

The ClipMount® holder secures your cell phone on the handlebar of a bike, motorcycle, or ATV with the use of the handlebar clamp option. With the suction cups option, on any smooth surface found at home, in your boat, or in your car. Using the mounting screws option, the ClipMount® holder can be fasten to an industry standard automobile bracket (the bracket is not included but can be found in the same retail stores that sell the ClipMount® holder).

The ClipMount® holder uses the existing belt-clip or swivel-clip on your cell phone to hold it in clear view for rapid answering. This versatile mount attaches quickly and easily in seconds with no holes to drill or tools to find!

Take a look at the at the mounting instructions for more details.

Makes your cell phone more accessible and easier to use with the ClipMount® Cell Phone Holder:

  • Universal - accepting virtually any electronic device with a belt-clip or swivel-clip (Cell Phone, Marine radio, FRS Two-Way Radio, Pager, GPS, PDA, etc.).
  • Versatile - giving you a mounting solution for your home, bike, boat, motorcycle or car in a single package (handlebar mount, suction cup mount, or mounting screws option).
  • Protects your phone from banging around in a glove compartment or cup holder.

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